The PCBC was established in 1992 by Rev Peter Ning. Before 1992, PCBC was an outreach mission, in a form of Bible Study Class, sponsored by the First Chinese Baptist Church (FCBC) in Virginia Beach, Virginia (about 40 miles away). Before Rev Ning’s arrival, a group of approximately 10-15 people had gathered regularly to bible studies and fellowship each Friday evening for a period over 10 years.   

In January 1990, Rev and Mrs Ning came out of retirement and started the mission work in Peninsula. Weekly prayer meeting and Sunday School class were soon established. Rev Ning actively participated in homes and restaurants visitation, wedding ceremony, Chinese community festivities, etc. He also reached out to the Chinese in Williamsburg area and spoke in an evangelical meeting sponsored by the Williamsburg Green Spring Chapel. The mission started its first Sunday worship service in September that year at the First Friends Church in Hampton. During that period, there were new Chinese converted to Christianity almost every month, full of Lord’s blessings.

On August 31, 1992, the PCBC was established and registered with IRS. Rev Ning was invited to serve as Pastor.

In October, 1992, the church joined the Peninsula Southern Baptist Association and moved to the North Riverside Baptist Church in Newport News in December 1993.  Membership was 46 at the time.

In September, 1995, Rev Kenneth Brackney (deceased) was invited as the consulting pastor of the church and served in English Sunday School class and worship services.

In December, 1995, Rev and Mrs Ning retired from the church. They became free missionary, partially supported by the church, and traveled to China every year for the mission work till today, at age 94. 

In July, 1997, Rev Chao was invited to serve as Pastor of the church. Under his pastorship, PCBC purchased its own building in 2002. The first Sunday worship service in our own building was held on March 24, 2002. The English worship service was also soon started on April 21 that year.   

In July, 2011, after 14 years of service at PCBC, Rev Chao was called to move to Comfort Community Church, Port Lavaca, TX. A Pastor Search Committee was later formed. 

In August, 2011, Rev Dale Parker was invited to serve as the pastor for the English speaking congregation of the church. 

At present, PCBC has worship services and Sunday School classes in Chinese and English every Sunday morning for adults and children.  There are six bible study fellowship groups, which meet on Thursday mornings and Friday evenings each week.  There are approximately 120 people in attendance for both services combined. Each summer, PCBC conducts a 10-week gospel outreach mission in Williamsburg (about 20 miles away North) where over 100 young college students from China visiting and working under 3-month short term J-1 visa in the States. PCBC also hosts a week-long VBS in summer.

During past few years, many had been baptized into Lord’s kingdom at PCBC: 14 (2011), 31 (2012), 21 (2013), 31 (2014) and 30 (2015). These statistics includes adults, youth and children in both Chinese- and English-speaking congregations, and summer J-1 college students from China.

1990年1月,宁威亚牧师和师母退休后,开始在半岛的福音工作。每周的祷告会和主日学很快成立。宁威亚牧师积极探访家庭和餐馆,主持婚礼,和参加中国社区的庆祝活动。他还与威廉斯堡地区的中国人接触,并在威廉斯堡 Green Spring教堂开办的福音布道会上宣讲。于当年9月在汉普顿的 First Friends教堂开始了第一次主日崇拜。在那段时间里,几乎每个月都有新的中国人成为基督徒,充满了主的祝福。


1992年10月,教会加入了半岛美南浸信会,并于1993年12月搬到纽波特纽斯 North Riverside浸信会。当时成员有46人。




2011年7月,在半岛华人浸信会工作了14年之后,赵德光牧师被呼召迁往德克萨斯州拉瓦卡港 Comfort Community教会。聘牧委员会后来成立。

2011年8月,Dale Parker牧师被邀请担任教会英文会众的牧师。

我们需要一位中文堂牧师,目前正在聘请过程中。若您是一位神的仆人,且在寻找事奉的教会,我们欢迎您联系本教会的孙墨国弟兄:[email protected], 757-234-2126。谢谢!